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Blisstering Blog Posts

Case Study: Cross platform team management solution to boost productivity
By Nikhil Bondre on 29 Jul 2016
An online web and mobile application of Visible Progress group (based in Columbus, Ohio), that partners with companies and businesses on smart strategic planning, immersive operations/systems review and inspirational change management.
Case Study: Global portal for gem and jewellery industry
By Nikhil Bondre on 12 Jul 2016
A comprehensive news, information and communication portal for the global gem and jewellery industry. It encompasses the entire production pipeline from mines through diamond and gemstone processing, jewellery design and manufacture, distribution and all the way through to the retailer.
Case Study: Trading app for one of the Europe's largest forex currency trading platforms
By Nikhil Bondre on 01 Jul 2016
Startup seeking to provide premier online and mobile trading technologies which are device and network independent. Founded by traders, the company is based in California.
Blisstering Case Study: Social network for sports teams and athletes
By Nikhil Bondre on 24 Jun 2016
A Mobile Social network specially designed for teams and athletes, making it easy for people to share educational and social content, streamline communication and have fun.
Blisstering Case Study: m2serve -- An open source framework to create iOS and Android apps 50% faster
By Nikhil Bondre on 22 Jun 2016
m2Serve is an integrated web and mobile platform to rapidly develop high performance, data-driven applications. m2Serve makes it easy for developers to extend core data and business processes, to multiple modes of deployment like web, mobile, tablet and Facebook.
Blisstering Case Study: Multi-lingual and multi-locale websites for one of the world's largest television franchise
By Nikhil Bondre on 15 Jun 2016
This franchise has multiple television channels that are broadcast across the world. Each channel has their own website which displays the schedule, plays videos, displays shows, social media comments, and so on.
Blisstering Case Study: Complete online portal for USA's largest workout classes for new and expectant moms
By Nikhil Bondre on 09 Jun 2016
A national franchise offering prenatal and postnatal exercise classes across the USA. Moms take yoga, water aerobics or pilates classes during and after the pregnancy. All the instructors with this franchise are certified in prenatal and postnatal fitness, so classes are safe and fun.
Eight top Business reasons to choose Drupal 8
By Nikhil Bondre on 07 Jun 2016
One will find abundant technical information regarding the benefits of Drupal 8. But very few know that Drupal 8 is beneficial to an organization in a business perspective too.
Blisstering Case Study: Ecommerce portal for one of the world's largest Home monitoring system
By Nikhil Bondre on 06 Jun 2016
One of the world’s largest wire-free video system that makes home and office monitoring simple, providing the easiest way to view live video of what matters most to you. Check on your family. See what your pets are doing. Make sure your home is secure. Live remote video right on your Smartphone, tablet or computer.
Blisstering Session at DrupalCon New Orleans -- Typed Drupal
By Nikhil Bondre on 23 May 2016

This year’s North American DrupalCon in New Orleans saw an enormous number of proposed sessions. With a record breaking 767 session submissions, you can only imagine the state of the chairs who were responsible to select the sessions for the event out of the proposed pile.