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Case Study: Global portal for gem and jewellery industry

Case Study: One-stop shop portal for all Gem and Jewellery industry specific news and information, including new products and services

Customer Overview:

A comprehensive news, information and communication portal for the global gem and jewellery industry. It encompasses the entire production pipeline from mines through diamond and gemstone processing, jewellery design and manufacture, distribution and all the way through to the retailer.


Project Overview:



There is no industry specific platform for the gem and jewellery industry which provides specific news and help businesses to collaborate and grow.



The platform is built in Drupal. The architecture relies on metadata and taxonomy to make searching for information seamless across various features such as the news and blog section, classifieds and jobs section, feeds for users from other connections made on the platform (similar to the Facebook Wall), products, classifieds. Users can also showcase their products, designs and services in a product catalog section.



All these features make the portal a one-stop-shop for all Gem and Jewelry industry specific news and information, including new products and services -- like LinkedIn for global Gem and Jewelry industry.


Key features:

  • News and Blog sections with updated news everyday

  • Ability to add friends, send messages to other users, feeds wall where user can see activities of other users

  • Classified and Jobs sections for users looking for jobs or business requirements

  • Product showcase for new products and jewellery designs


Core Technology used:

  • Web/CMS: Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce

  • Stack: LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

  • QA/PM: Selenium, Appium, Jira Confluence

  • Search: Apache/Solr

  • Social Media: RSS feeds, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter

  • Scripting: jQuery

  • Hosting: Live on Rackspace; Staging on Pantheon


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Nikhil Bondre