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Certification Initiative at Blisstering

Investing personal resources to certify one’s skills is one matter - the employer organisation doing it for the individual, is whole another matter. The company puts faith in their employees and trusts their ability to successfully obtain the certificate. In return, the employees add value to the company, more importantly, to themselves. Enhancing their profile, the company helps them evolve and climb up the professional ladder. And Blisstering strongly believes in investing in its employees.

Acquia Certification Program

Being a company dedicated to Drupal, Blisstering Solutions encourages its employees to opt for the Acquia Certification Program. Earning a certificate in the new world class certification program, grants visibility and credibility to a Drupal engineer’s experience and expertise. Thus, helping Blisstering establish a leadership position within the Drupal community.

The certification program categorises the various specializations it provides, into two tracks:


Drupal Core

The Acquia Certified Developer exam is intended for Acquia customers, partners, and employees who perform a Developer role.

Drupal Site Builder

This exam is designed to validate skills and knowledge of a Drupal Site Builder, focusing on Drupal 7 and areas including Drupal features, Content and User Management,Content Modeling, Module and Theme Management among others.

Drupal 8

The purpose of Acquia's Drupal 8 Foundations exam is to test the readiness of a Developer to start building D8 solutions. The focus of the questions is to validate whether the person knows the difference between D7 and D8 and has studied D8 adequately to start developing on D8 platform.



Front End Specialist

The Acquia Certified Developer - Front End Specialist exam is intended for Acquia customers, partners, and employees who perform a Front end Developer role.

Back End Specialist

The Acquia Certified Developer - Back end Specialist exam is intended for Acquia customers, partners, and employees who perform a Back end Developer role.


Blisstering’s Drupal Warriors

Blisstering is a major practitioner of sponsoring the certification exams for its employees. Expressing our sincere gratitude to our senior Drupalers; Aditya Ghan, Amit Vyas and Swarad Mokal; for their efficient mentoring of the newbies. Below are some stats showcasing our completed journey towards a goal for 100% certification.

As of today, 81% of our Web / Drupal Engineers are Acquia certified, and some of them having more than 1 certification.

Apart from this, on Mobile we have 50% of our engineers Titanium certified, and on QA we have 25% of our engineers ISTQB certified





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Nikhil Bondre