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Drupal 7 alpha features


Whats new in Drupal 7 alpha ??

** Improved User Interface

--- In-place editing of nodes and blocks. So your life is easy to edit data.
--- Administrative Dashboard and Customizable Shortcut Bar.
--- New cool administrative theme seven.

** Custom Fields

--- Now cck module is in core.
--- You can add now fields to Users, most of them are currently using content_profile for D6.
--- You can add fields to taxonomy terms too.
---Support for translations. (Multilingual Sites) -- This is pretty cool :-)

** Image Handling

--- Image fields are in core now.
--- Support for actions like image cropping, scaling etc.

** Upgrade Manager

--- Not only gives updates information but also installs and upgrades modules, themes for you. Your job is easy again. Thanks to drupal community.

** Look and Feel ??

--- New Rendering API allows highly granular theming.
--- Built In RDF support.
--- Jquery UI support.
--- Ajax Framework. -- Makes your life lighter and faster. I love it :-)

So ready to start Drupal 7 theming. Get start with stark Drupal 7 core theme.

** Performance ??

--- Revamped database layer.
--- Automated testing frame work.
--- Simultaneous private and public file format support.
--- Improved node access system.
--- New hooks for flexible interaction between modules.
--- Built In CDN support.
--- Built In proxy server.
--- Advanced Caching techniques.

Many many more new features. Want to know all of them?? Check it out here

I am looking forward to Drupal 7 release. Its the most scalable release to Date. You can download the alpha version here I already installed and playing with new Drupal.

When you are going to try new Drupal 7 alpha??

Anil Sagar

on 16 Feb 2010 by
Super Admin
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