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Rundown of Blisstering Training session at DrupalCon New Orleans -- Automated Web Testing with Selenium

The Drupal community witnessed the world’s largest DrupalCon yet, in New Orleans. This five day event went on from 9th May to 13th May 2016. This Drupal event is a festival for Drupalers around the world, with various conferences, trainings, sessions, music performances, amazing food, sporting events, parties and after parties.

Blisstering’s training session made it through to the final 13 that were chosen for the event. It was a training session on ‘Automated Web Testing with Selenium’ that was given by Lokesh and Aditya on 9th May 2016.

To start off the training session, the attendees were provided with an already built website for them to test. Aditya then began with introducing the attendees to test automation and why the Selenium tool was being used to do the same. He briefly listed some other similar tools that can be used, followed by the installation of the Selenium tool.

After a short coffee break, Lokesh gave an introduction on Selenium IDE and also helped the attendees install the same. He wrapped up the training session for lunch by familiarising them to execution of test cases.


Post lunch, Lokesh introduced the attendees to Selenium Webdriver. They were taught to make a test script and how to execute the same. After the coffee break, Lokesh gave a brief introduction to data driven testing using Selenium, followed by Aditya explaining about the relationship between PHPUnit and Selenium. The training session ended around 5pm after everyone were done executing their own created test scripts on a given sample module.

The training session received a great feedback, with attendees expressing their experience to the trainers personally. The day concluded with interaction of the attendees with the trainers, followed by a group photo.

on 19 May 2016 by
Nikhil Bondre