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Rundown of Drupal Global Training Day at Blisstering -- Decoupled Drupal

On account of the worldwide event; Drupal Global Training Days, 8th and 9th April 2016 saw training sessions being held at 38 distinct locations spread across the world. Blisstering Solutions conducted a training session on “Headless Drupal” or as Dries calls it, “Decoupled Drupal”, on 9th April 2016.

On public demand, we decided to also air the training session online via Google Hangouts. Fourteen people attended, including the eight remote joinees.

The training started off at 10am with Swarad introducing the attendees to Decoupled Drupal. The attendees were required to have a working knowledge of Drupal and some experience with it. Since it was a hands-on training, we provided them with AngularJS/Mobile development templates to start with.


Aditya kicked off the second session for the day after the lunch. His training session was concentrated on AngularJS.


The people were very interested with the technical aspects of Decoupled Drupal. Numerous doubts came from the crowd, keeping the session interactive and interesting. Doubts were clarified by Swarad and Aditya, to the participant’s full satisfaction.

The training session ended with the participants giving a great feedback and a group photo. People leaving with content faces, added to our success of this training session, keeping us motivated to conduct even more informative trainings in the future.


on 20 Apr 2016 by
Nikhil Bondre