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Rundown of Blisstering Training session at DrupalCon New Orleans -- Automated Web Testing with Selenium
By Nikhil Bondre on 19 May 2016

The Drupal community witnessed the world’s largest DrupalCon yet, in New Orleans. This five day event went on from 9th May to 13th May 2016. This Drupal event is a festival for Drupalers around the world, with various conferences, trainings, sessions, music performances, amazing food, sporting events, parties and after parties.

DrupalCon New Orleans -- We are excited! Are you?
By Nikhil Bondre on 04 May 2016

Less than a week until DrupalCon 2016 in New Orleans kicks off on 9th May. This will be the first North American DrupalCon since Drupal 8 was released. The 4 day event has received an enormous response of 767 session submissions.

Videos of sessions by Blisstering Solutions at DrupalCon Asia 2016
By Nikhil Bondre on 26 Apr 2016

Missed our sessions at DrupalCon Asia? Not to worry. Videos for the same are out. Check it out.


Session 1: Let’s get ready for D8 - Migrating Drupal themes

- By Amit Vyas


Rundown of Drupal Global Training Day at Blisstering -- Decoupled Drupal
By Nikhil Bondre on 20 Apr 2016

On account of the worldwide event; Drupal Global Training Days, 8th and 9th April 2016 saw training sessions being held at 38 distinct locations spread across the world.

Training at DrupalCon New Orleans -- "Benefits of using Selenium to Automate your Testing"
By Nikhil Bondre on 13 Apr 2016

Modern software development processes want to develop software quickly and reliably. To reduce the risk of regression defects, they automate the application testing process to allow fast and reliable checking of test conditions after each change.

If you are working on web applications, then the first automation tool you will want to get familiar with, is Selenium.

Certification Initiative at Blisstering
By Nikhil Bondre on 17 Mar 2016

Investing personal resources to certify one’s skills is one matter - the employer organisation doing it for the individual, is whole another matter. The company puts faith in their employees and trusts their ability to successfully obtain the certificate. In return, the employees add value to the company, more importantly, to themselves.

Blisstering at DrupalCon Asia 2016
By Nikhil Bondre on 17 Mar 2016

The Drupal community has made a fan out of many Indians across the country. Its fan base growing exponentially with each Drupal event being conducted around the globe, companies have realized the future scope of implementing it. Thus, leading to the conception of Drupal-only companies, like Blisstering Solutions.

Sunit Gala running for the post of Director-at-large at Drupal Association
By Nikhil Bondre on 15 Mar 2016

Drupal Association is looking to fill its 2016 Director-at-Large position on its Board and who better than the founder of Blisstering solutions? That’s right. Mr. Sunit Gala is one of the 23 candidates in this race.

Megan Sanicki, COO Drupal Association visits Blisstering Solutions office
By Rikin Shah on 16 Feb 2016

Blisstering Solutions had the opportunity to host Megan Sanicki at our Mumbai office during DrupalCon Asia, which we are proud to help sponsor.

Drupal 8 Release Party at Blisstering - #CELEBR8D8
By Rikin Shah on 23 Nov 2015

Since we at Blisstering love Drupal and parties almost alike we want to celebrate this very special occasion. After the beta version and the release candidate 1 it is time for the real deal, Drupal 8 is here.