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Use Drupal Form API to disable one of the items in an #options array()
By Swarad Mokal on 22 Oct 2014

For Drupal elements like checkboxes or radios we provide the options for these lists via a array which as per Drupal docs has to be a simple key value pair.

For the element checkboxes or radios, if you do #disabled, it will disable all the items from the options array(). 

The story of first Acquia Certified Drupal Developer at Blisstering Solutions
By Swarad Mokal on 19 Aug 2014

My experience with Acquia Developer Certification:

I took the Acquia Developer Certification exam recently and thought I should blog my experience considering how scarce the information is out there. I had to search literally all the way to page 5 of Google search results to scour the information when I was planning to signup.

DrupalCon Thank You
By Marta Olsen on 18 Jul 2014

Blisstering received a thoughtful "thank you" note from the DrupalCon Austin 2014 conference. What a great experience we had sponsoring the $100K Mobile App Showdown and we can't wait for DrupalConLA in 2015!


Very irritating Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: after you setup an existing Drupal site
By Swarad Mokal on 26 Feb 2014

Recently, I started work on a site which was setup using tar ball & DB that was recived from another developer. As usual we put the site on one of our servers, only to realize that all the pages were displaying a humungous list of errors. Well technically they were PHP Notices but if you are purist like me, they are as anoying as errors or warnings.

Use of Triggers & Actions before the node is created to get the Drupal URL Alias
By Qasima Chogale on 21 Jan 2014

We recently came across a small issue on one of our live site's blog module. Since everything had been working fine, the main challenge in resolving this issue was finding a solution quickly, while keeping intact the code that was already implemented.

Is Mobile Necessary? Utilize Google Analytics for the Answer
By Marta Olsen on 08 May 2013

Do you know how many people are visiting your website on their mobile device?

Upgrading to Drupal 7
By Hussain Abbas on 28 Jan 2013

Considering the complexity of a typical website today, it is not always easy to keep at the edge of technology. Significant care must be taken at each step of the upgrade to ensure that the functionality and content of the website are improved, or at least intact.

The Importance Of Drush
By Charmi Shah on 12 Jan 2013

Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal. It makes your life much easier and saves tons of time rather than performing tasks manually through the UI.

CSS Sprites
on 04 Jan 2013

CSS Sprites is technique which you can use to reduce the server load. It has its roots in practices used in video games to deal with detailed graphic objects while keeping game-play flowing. In this CSS based approach multiple images used throughout a website would be combined into the so-called “master image.” To display a single image from the master image, one would use the background-…

Drupal Distros
on 21 Dec 2012

The article gives an introduction to distros as distributions for softwares and then talks about linux distributions. In the later part Drupal distributions have been discussed, giving some insight into some of the Drupal distributions.