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Drupal Performance Tips
By Super Admin on 12 Feb 2010

Tips from our Developer

Debug Drupal using Xdebug, Eclipse and Wamp
By Amit Vyas on 12 Feb 2010

I was searching for debugging tool for drupal since i do module development and deals with so many websites during my projects. I found Xdebug is the one way to go . I am listing here step by step process to debug drupal using xdebug and Eclipse.

Migraine -- Synchronize your development, staging, and production sites' databases for Drupal 6
By Super Admin on 29 Jan 2010

Often Drupal developers are in a fix when it comes to synchronizing their development, staging, and live (production) sites' databases. Migraine, a python script, comes to the aid of all Drupal developers for this purpose. This small script allows you to maintain separate test and production versions of your Drupal site.

Twitter Integration Module
By Super Admin on 26 Jan 2010

Twitter Module aggregates tweets from Twitter for specific keywords. These keywords can be mapped to nodes so that the tweets become associated with a node.

Alert Pay Integration For Drupal
By Super Admin on 26 Jan 2010

Alertpay Integration module provides a way to integrate Ubercart with AlertPay which is the rising leader in secure online payment solutions that was founded to facilitate safe instant payments between individuals and online businesses.

Movie History Module
By Super Admin on 26 Jan 2010

Movie History Module provides a way to record users movie history and share with friends. This module also sends invitations to users for a movie plan. Movie History module keep tracks of all the movie history in user profile pages.

Job Classifieds Module
on 26 Jan 2010

Creates a classified and job portal setup for Drupal.

Betting Module
By Super Admin on 26 Jan 2010

Betting Module allows users to create, participate on bets and quizes. This module has Flickr photo integration, which fetches images that are related to bets dynamically from Flickr.

BirthDay Module
By Super Admin on 26 Jan 2010

BirthDay Module allows visitors to see recent birthdays of users.

Auto Create Group Module
By Super Admin on 26 Jan 2010
We plan to create a module which allows automatic creation of groups/communities/fan clubs for the content types you want, therefore, dependent on Organic Groups.