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Blisstering Blog Posts

Custom Meta Keywords For View Pages
By Super Admin on 26 Jan 2010

Custom Meta Keywords module allows to specify custom Meta Keywords and Descriptions for View Related Pages. This module is written for Drupal 6.x Version.

RuCeleb Module
By Super Admin on 26 Jan 2010

RuCeleb Module allows wiki type editing of pages and allows any user to claim any node so that they can manage the pages on their own.

Peanutlabs Media Module for Drupal 6.x-Download Now
By Super Admin on 21 Jan 2010

We have created a module which allows users to earn UserPoints by taking surveys and offers provided by Peanutlabsmedia. Facebook uses this feature for various gaming applications like TexasHolde'm Poker to earn virtual currency by taking surveys and offers.

Migraine Drupal Presentation
By Super Admin on 21 Sep 2009

Synchronizing Drupal instances for development, staging and production is important and is usually a difficult task for most developers. There are many things to keep in mind before proceeding forward. This presentation tells you how to synchronize development, staging and production sites using Migraine.

iLoveBolly Case Study Presentation
By Super Admin on 09 Jun 2009 is a social network built with Drupal targeting the Indian entertainment segment (Movies, Songs, Celebrities, TV Serials, Videos, Images..

Structural Characteristics of a Web 2.0 Portal
By Sunit Gala on 09 Jun 2009

What makes a Web 2.0 Portal such as a social network successful? Ultimately, it's about content, relevance, zest of the founder(s) for the topic, and the ability to keep the site fresh. Of course, these are subjective criteria.

Information Architecture and the Economics of Social Media
By Sunit Gala on 09 Jun 2009

I was reading a wonderful book by Peter Morville and Louis Rosenfeld called Information Architecture for the World Wide Web.