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Acquia related Blog Posts

Certification Initiative at Blisstering
Nikhil Bondre
By Nikhil Bondre on 18 Jul 2016

Investing personal resources to certify one’s skills is one matter - the employer organisation doing it for the individual, is whole another matter. The company puts faith in their employees and trusts their ability to successfully obtain the certificate. In return, the employees add value to the company, more importantly, to themselves. Enhancing their profile, the company helps them evolve and climb up the professional ladder. And Blisstering strongly believes in investing in its employees.

The story of first Acquia Certified Drupal Developer at Blisstering Solutions
Swarad Mokal
By Swarad Mokal on 27 Jun 2016

My experience with Acquia Developer Certification:

I took the Acquia Developer Certification exam recently and thought I should blog my experience considering how scarce the information is out there. I had to search literally all the way to page 5 of Google search results to scour the information when I was planning to signup. As soon as I took the exam I decided to blog it in order to help out other potential exam takers in their pursuit.