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Drupal 7 related Blog Posts

Certification Initiative at Blisstering
Nikhil Bondre
By Nikhil Bondre on 18 Jul 2016

Investing personal resources to certify one’s skills is one matter - the employer organisation doing it for the individual, is whole another matter. The company puts faith in their employees and trusts their ability to successfully obtain the certificate. In return, the employees add value to the company, more importantly, to themselves. Enhancing their profile, the company helps them evolve and climb up the professional ladder. And Blisstering strongly believes in investing in its employees.

Use Drupal Form API to disable one of the items in an #options array()
Swarad Mokal
By Swarad Mokal on 27 Jun 2016

For Drupal elements like checkboxes or radios we provide the options for these lists via a array which as per Drupal docs has to be a simple key value pair.

For the element checkboxes or radios, if you do #disabled, it will disable all the items from the options array(). 

What if you want to disable only one of the checkboxes or have a class on ony one of the radio element ?? Javascript ? or a crude element_process() ?

There is actually a a very neat and clean way (and largely undocumented it seems),

Very irritating Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: after you setup an existing Drupal site
Swarad Mokal
By Swarad Mokal on 27 Jun 2016

Recently, I started work on a site which was setup using tar ball & DB that was recived from another developer. As usual we put the site on one of our servers, only to realize that all the pages were displaying a humungous list of errors. Well technically they were PHP Notices but if you are purist like me, they are as anoying as errors or warnings.

All errors were of the same kind, here are some,

Use of Triggers & Actions before the node is created to get the Drupal URL Alias
Qasima Chogale
By Qasima Chogale on 06 Jul 2016

We recently came across a small issue on one of our live site's blog module. Since everything had been working fine, the main challenge in resolving this issue was finding a solution quickly, while keeping intact the code that was already implemented.

  • What was the issue?

Whenever an admin or blog editor publishes a blog, an email is to be sent containing a link to view that blog to the approver(s) depending on workflow.

  • Resolution