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Avendus Capital, Inc. is a leading provider of Investment Banking services with an emphasis on providing M&A and PE fund raising solutions to the IT and Outsourcing services companies and wealth management to clients that include institutional investors, corporations and high net worth families.

Case study:


Users had no way to check their portfolio holdings on mobile. Every time, they had to login on website to check the details. The Avendus Wealth App for iOS and Android platform gives users secure access to their investment portfolio, allowing them to view asset allocation, returns, comparison with benchmark returns and holdings conveniently at anytime from their mobile devices.


Solution was to build a native mobile application for Windows, Android and iOS platform showing all the portfolio details to users consuming the already existing REST API's


The key objective of the proposed mobile application is to allow user (i.e. to client) of banks, wealth management companies to view details of their portfolio holdings and portfolio performance. In addition, they would also be able to take a look at their asset allocation data and consume news content published by banks and wealth management companies.

Key Features

  • It had a very secure Login system
  • Users were able to see their Holdings in real time 
  • Users were also able to see the data in the form of Bar / Pie Charts which gave them more ablility to understand the data
  • There was a real time Currency Conversion feature in this app

Core Technology Used

  • Mobile technology: Titanium - Android, Windows, iOS
  • QA and PM: Selenium, Appium, Jira Confluence
  • Search: Apache/Solr