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Body For The Ages

Body For The Ages Nonprofit’s purpose is to create lifestyle-changing programs that encourage individuals to enhance their wellness through participation. The mission of Body For The Ages Nonprofit is to help individuals live to their maximum genetic lifespan. To accomplish their mission, Body For The Ages Nonprofit offers the Body For The Ages Online Wellness Program, an E-Course in wellness, along with other Products for Life, Protein and Pyruvate, scientific supplements that foster nutrition and wellness for all.

Case study:


Pax Beale, founder and owner of Body For The Ages, author, inventor, ex-heart cripple, titleholder of National Bodybuilding Champion, motivator, and successful entrepreneur, reversed his own heart disease using his unique fitness regime and his patented supplements. His book, Body For The Ages: From Heart Surgery to Bodybuilding Champion, Pax shares his inspiring personal story, and the Wellness Philosophy that made his miraculous journey from a heart cripple to a National Bodybuilding Champion possible, proving anti-aging is achievable, despite getting older. Pax was not satisfied by simply writing the book, but wanted to share his secret to as many people as possible, and for that founded Body For the Ages Nonprofit and use the power and scale of internet to take his message to the world. Pax had two false starts, and spent over 18 months in vain to get his vision to fruition. That's when Blisstering came in his life.



  • Team Membership
  • Online Wellness Program
  • Product for Life
  • Body For The Ages Nonprofit has the following three pledge/donation levels:
  • It's Online Wellness Program has an education program delivered via e-learning and quizzes, and also entails a personalized exercise regime that comes with your own personal coach.

Blisstering Value Add


  • Revived a stalled project and took it to market within 3 months
  • Customized workflow for e-learning, quizzes and results
  • Enhanced administration features and reporting
  • Advanced pledge/donation features like customized recurring membership renewals based on the membership program

Core Technology Used

  • Drupal 6
  • Ubercart
  • Integration with Paypal Recurring Payment and Quickbooks