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Drug Alert

It is hosted by iRetainRx, Patient and pharmacist collaborate to create a Personal Medication Record (prescription and nutraceutical interventions). This is available to patient at home on web, mobile and tablet.


Case study:


To provide the real time alerts to take medicine and to sync the data about the medicines and the medical routine of a patient.


We built a robust backend solution which handles all information regarding the pharmacist and patients. With the help of custom Drupal API's we achieved the real time alerts and updated data both on Mobile and Web.


Drug Alert Mobile App has reminders, alerts, refill capabilities described as follows:

  • Passive reminder for vital actions provide via mobile app.
  • Actions are logged and Rewarded Active NFC/mobile device interaction opens app to appropriate treatment action step.
  • Pharmacist brings up the Treatment Plan screens (My Care Plan) for the Patient and does a walk through.

Key Features

  • Get reminders for your medicine anywhere and at any time
  • Pharmacist are aware if the patient has taken medicine or not.
  • NFC interaction with mobile devices to bring up the treatment screen instantaneously.

Core Technology Used

  • Web technology: Drupal 
  • Mobile technology: Titanium,  Android Java
  • Stack: LAMP (Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP)
  • QA and PM: Selenium, Appium, Jira Confluence,
  • Integration: NFC, MailChimp
  • Search: Apache/Solr
  • Scripting: jQuerry