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Largest food oriented media company in the Middle East based in Dubai, UAE.

Case study:


The client wanted to re-design a website that is entirely devoted towards cooking so that the visitors to this website can find recipes, their video demonstrations, celebrity chefs, cooking techniques, quick and easy meals, healthy eating and more at one stop.


A complete website that covers all aspects of food and Culinary Arts which aims at exposing the Arab audience to new exotic menus and dishes through exciting and entertaining culinary journeys and meet the best-rated and world famous chefs all in the entertaining fun atmosphere of Fatafeat.


Website developed by Blisstering allows food lovers to get all culinary related information at one stop and that too in multiple languages (English and Arabic). Due to it multi-lingual support, the number of visitors to it have increased to a significant number.

Blisstering Value Add

  • Provides extended functionality in the website allowing user to create their profile, sending invites to other friends and exploring the website.
  • Extended search functionality using which you can look for recipes based on main ingredients, cuisines, chefs, and from viewers etc.
  • The web provides sharing facility by allowing integration with Facebook and Twitter integrations.

Blisstering Delivery Differentiators

  • Leveraging our m2Serve framework to rapidly deliver applications that are network and device independent
  • Ability to partner with the customer, adapt to changing conditions, yet remain on time and within budget
  • Experience in delivering complex solutions

Core Technology Used

  • LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP Drupal
  • Drupal
  • Multi-lingual support
  • MySQL content in ISO-latin