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Schwab Charitable

One of the largest charitable giving and donor-advised funds in the United States. We worked with Reflectur, a leading San Francisco Agency. The site was designed by James Sakamoto, then at Reflectur, and implemented by Blisstering.

Case study:


One of the largest charitable giving and donor-advised funds in the United States, their website was outdated and Schwab wanted to revamp their website to give their users a modern Web experience, increase online leads, and make new services and features available to potential donors.


We worked with Reflectur, a leading San Francisco Agency. The site was designed by James Sakamoto, then at Reflectur, and implemented by Blisstering. Blisstering worked with Reflectur to understand the client's needs, and then implemented the redesigned site in Drupal. We added several dynamic features such as calculators, questionnaires, and wizards, which generated PDF reports with specific advice based on the answers. We integrated with SalesForce, and provisioned for single sign-on with their main Schwab trading accounts. Blisstering delivered a quality solution on time and within budget.


Benefits to Schwab: Using the redesigned website, donors can donate and support a cause with greater ease. The website has raised over $5 billion for philanthropy and has facilitated more than $2 billion grants to charity since inception, and the new site increased online leads by over 100% within a quarter of going live.

Benefits to Reflectur: Reflectur gained a reliable development partner in Blisstering, and was able to expand their digital horizons, gaining new business.

Blisstering Value Add

The website is integrated with SalesForce at the backend.

One key challenge was porting the site to Internet Explorer 6, which was the corporate standard at the time. The site was mobile optimized with special focus on the iPads, which had been recently released and were identified as driving an increasing percentage of traffic to the site.

Blisstering Delivery Differentiators

  • Leveraging open source frameworks to rapidly deliver applications that are network and device independent
  • Ability to partner with the customer, adapt to changing conditions, yet remain on-time and within budget
  • Experience in delivering complex solutions

Core Technology Used

  • LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP Drupal
  • Drupal