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Socially Relevant

Socially Relevant is a media and commerce platform for web, mobile and iPTV --positioned to be the go-to-place before, during and after fun events. It creates mobile, social communities for concerts and sports. Socially Relevant Beta for iPad (in iTunes Store) aggregates timelines from four social networks and Google News with integrated ticket sales for concerts & sports. Similar to FlipBoard, Socially Relevant on iPad provides a rich visual experience for content discovery, but focuses on: monetizing entertainer’s content, event commerce and 2nd screen experience. It helps events and entertainment companies cut marketing costs, monetize their social network presence and drive sales of tickets, merchandise and licensed materials before, during & after events.

Case study:


Entertainment companies are increasingly reliant on events and merchandise sales to drive profits. Events and entertainment companies are struggling to effectively engage and monetize fans and potential fans before, during and after events. They have huge social media fan bases and content archives without clear routes to monetize.


Event and entertainment companies can use the TimeGrab’s free solutions to leverage and monetize existing content and fan bases and fulfill consumer demand before, during and after concerts and sporting events. TimeGrab's targeted environment, fan development and management platform and integrated ecommerce provide a high value sales pipeline. Fans can easily access useful event tools, discover visually rich media, interact with their celebrities, find events, buy tickets and recruit others.

Blisstering Value Add

  • Leveraging our Bravo Cloud Solution to rapidly deliver applications that are network and device independent
  • Built a platform for TimeGrab which can be used to build out applications on various modes, as well as while-label the solution for other businesses
  • Ability to partner with the customer, adapt to changing conditions, yet remain on time and within budget
  • Experience in delivering complex solutions

Core Technology Used

  • Drupal 6
  • Objective C: iOS, iPad
  • LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP