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About Us

Blisstering Solutions is a software development company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in multi-channel solutions integrating Mobile, Web, Voice, SMS/Text, and Social Media into a single coherent architecture. These solutions can be for custom or white label multi-tenant SaaS product development, or for internal projects. In August 2016, Blisstering Solutions was acquired by Iksula, a leading commerce solutions provider. Learn more.

We leverage open source components to rapidly deliver complex solutions that provide your consumers, employees and partners with a complete digital experience. You do not pay for this framework, only for our time and effort associated with each project – the savings are passed on directly to you.

Specifically, we leverage Drupal, Appcelerator Titanium, Selenium, LAMP and MEAN stacks, Angular, Node.js, Backbone (and other tools) which we have integrated with other cloud solutions such as SalesForce, LinkedIn, Zoho, or Marketo, or on-premise solutions such as Oracle, or SAP — we can integrate with any system with an API.

Our clients range from large companies such as Sony or Netgear to Silicon Valley startups. We offer a full range of services from building your solution, tuning performance, automating QA, to extending your solution to mobile, tablet, or cloud, and long term support or maintenance.

Do tell us about your next project, whether in planning stages or whether you need help with execution. Contact us via web or email.