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Native Mobile Solutions

  • The term native app is mostly related to the context of mobile computing because mobile applications are specifically created and designed to work on a specific platform.

  • Device Hardware - Developers can take full advantage of that particular device like the accelerometer, the GPS, camera, the compass and so on. Such apps can easily use the device’s notification system and even functions offline.

  • User Experience - The users can experience the platform and enjoy its specific features that include UI elements, transitions and many more.

  • Tools - Besides the frameworks, Apple/ Google and Windows also provide out of the box tools and there is a huge variety of open source libraries for the mobile developers.

  • High Performance - The codes written in native applications are faster than JavaScript and offer a high performance of the application that is developed.

  • There are mainly 3 mobile platforms which cover almost all of the smartphones currently in use:

    • iOS

    • Android

    • Windows Phone