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Mobile Development

Mobile is the future of the Web

All business applications became web-enabled in the last decade and will become smartphone and tablet enabled in the next. Not being present on mobile in a few years will be the equivalent of not being present on the web today.

All organizations, large and small, in any country and in any industry must be accessible via mobile devices to survive and grow into the emerging future.

mobile market

To expand your revenues by reaching more prospective customers and provide quality experience for your users, Blisstering’s integrated mobile development solution will let you provide consistent behavior across multiple touch points. With a history of creating successful, attention-grabbing mobile apps, we have implemented and embraced both native iOS and Android development, in addition to web application development.

Quicker Time to Market

Blisstering has invested in building a rapid mobile development and deployment product, which helps our application developers to rapidly build your mobile solution. The product abstracts the core mobile-specific functionalities such as geo-location, server to device messaging, camera, contacts, and so on. It also abstracts other common business functions such as login, registration, social networking features and much more. Also, you build once, and deploy the common features on native iOS and Android apps, thus eliminating duplication of effort and providing a consistent user experience.

Our product, m2serve, is a fully integrated solution built on top of Drupal and Titanium. Drupal’s strength lies in building complex web solutions or platform, and Titanium’s is building native mobile apps. This integration allows rapid development of web and mobile solutions. m2serve is robust, industry-tested, scalable, multi-lingual and multi-tenant with an open architecture to seamlessly integrate with 3rd party services.

The Drupal + Titanium Advantage = m2serve

Blisstering’s m2serve mobile development product is the integration of Titanium with Drupal. This allows rapid development of your Drupal-based web platform to build mobile and tablet solutions by having Drupal functionality available on mobile and conversely mobile-specific functionality such as geo-location available to the Drupal platform.

How can Blisstering help bring your mobile story to life? Blisstering has the technology to make it happen for you on the iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices. <?php print l('Write or call us today', 'contact'); ?>.

We Also Offer:

Blisstering offers a unique service – Drupal Labs.

By combining a global delivery model with local management and shared control, Blisstering Drupal Labs becomes both an extension and an appreciating asset of your organization to help you measurably improve product competitiveness.


Our Labs are divided into four major areas:

Product Engineering

End-to-end knowledge and expertise in product lifecycle development and our Drupal development and testing model differentiate our engineering capabilities.

Custom Software Development

As development partner to many enterprises, and with expertise in Drupal Core and Module Development, Theming, Performance, Drupal Mobile, Facebook and Cloud application expertise, Blisstering is uniquely qualified to provide custom software development.

Software Testing

Our strong, process-driven QA practice allows you to focus on your core software development expertise with peace of mind.

Support and Maintenance

We add stability, optimization and enhancements to existing applications and functionality to meet your growing and ever changing needs.

Why Blisstering?

Our exclusive focus in the Drupal space brings unique understanding, expertise, flexibility, quality, speed and cost savings to your solutions. But clients stay with us for the long term because of the extraordinary trusting partnerships that develop between us. Becoming a true partner is one of our key differentiators.

Scaling Drupal

It is not always easy to scale Drupal -- not because Drupal sucks, but simply because scaling the LAMP stack (including Drupal) takes no small amount of skill.

There are host of different tools and best practices available for performance and scaling like memcache, eAccelerator, Boost, Varnish, MySQL tuning, MySQL replication, content compressing, page caching, cache router, integrating with content delivery networks, offloading search to Apache Solr or Sphinx, and the list goes on.

Blisstering’s Performance Experts through a meticulous assessment process will review your needs and recommend the ideal hosting options, as well as tailored performance enhancement strategy using the best combination of tools for your specific needs.
In addition, we can also help setup monitoring and alert capabilities not only at the system level, but also at the application level.

We realize how important performance is, front-end and back-end, to provide the best user experience to your customer, as well as building the best reputation with the search engines, increasing your web rating.

Content is not the only King

How many times have you heard Content is King? We do not dispute that fact, but the importance of user experience is more apparent on the web than it has ever been. Graphic design including look and feel plays a key part of the user experience of your product.
Graphic design is more subjective in nature than programming or development, because it is hard to define a “good design”. Drupal theming is the process of translating this graphic design to a functional framework of your site.

Drupal Theming at Blisstering

Blisstering’s theming experts use fully-compliant XHTML coding techniques along with Cascading Style Sheets, which optimize your web page, not only for look and feel but also performance ensuring faster page loads, enhancing your user’s experience interacting and transitioning through your site.
All the visual will be tested across latest operating systems and browsers. Special attention is paid to make your site mobile and tablet friendly.

Blisstering will strive to best represent your site in a professional and beautiful design, creating a wow end user experience for your customers.

The Importance of Software Testing

The importance of software testing and its impact on software cannot be underestimated. In spite of the importance, this is very often ignored or treated simply as a checklist task by most development firms. Blisstering takes software testing as a fundamental component of software quality assurance, and believe it is as important, if not more, than programming.

Blisstering’s Quality Assurance Process

We have a very comprehensive and evolved Drupal and Mobile testing process. The process covers:

  • Unit Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Load Testing

We specialize in using automated tools, like:

  • Selenium for regression testing
  • phpUnit / SimpleTest for Unit Testing
  • Combination of jMeter, ab & YSlow for performance and load testing
  • Bugzilla for bug recording, tracking and reporting


Our QA engineers are your gatekeepers ensuring the quality and usability of your website or application.

Why reinvent the wheel?

If there is a business need, it is more than likely there is a Drupal Module for it. Drupal has close to 20,000 contributed modules. Yes, it is a very active and generous community! But the module does not always exactly fit your business requirements. Blisstering has extensive experience and expertise to build custom modules to solve your specific requirement, or extend an existing contributed module to make it spin to your needs.

Blisstering Expertise

We have built over few dozen custom modules and contributed many back to the community, with more on the way. You can see the complete list at

For the technically inclined, below is the presentation from DrupalCon San Francisco, where our Blisstering Module Development experts held a full-day, sold out training program:

Introduction to Module Development - Drupal

View more PowerPoint from gauravkumar87


We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, but at Blisstering we build custom tires that spin to your business’ demands with utmost stress on quality.