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  • Cross-Platform Development - Titanium is framework that allows the creation of mobile apps on platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, and Tizen from a single JavaScript codebase. No need to replicate code and efforts to build apps for different platforms.

  • Open Source - This means there are no license fees to use it, and the code is completely open and transparent. If we find a bug in Titanium, we can report it, fix it ourselves, and contribute the fix back to the community.

  • More APIs, Common UI - Titanium provides access to a wider and higher level of APIs, native UI, and device-specific features out of the box. It offers the same UI interface and components that are available to both Android and iOS developers, which is not offered using any other hybrid approach.

  • Easy Deployment - Titanium offers an automated way to package and distribute your applications to the platform’s respective app stores through an IDE called Titanium Studio.

  • Large User Community - Titanium has a strong community of users. This means that when we encounter a situation new to us, there is usually someone who has been there before. Being able to rely on community experience (and in turn offering our experience) means much less time hacking through problems.

  • This is the case why there are many companies choosing Titanium to build their apps like Ebay, Citibank and T-Mobile to name a few.